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  • zomeyes

    June 12, 1994 AT 8:46 PM ‘Tellexx’ appears to have been a pseudo governmental corporation that was publicly active for a brief period of time in the early 1960s. After 1977 it appears that they shut down and vanished completely..

  • alexiscb772

    May 15, 1995 AT 7:52 PM Interesting video. I remember my dad talking about a band he once knew with a really long name he couldn’t remember. He was institutionalized several years ago after swearing that he was being followed by a “white shadow”. No idea what he meant.

  • orbitalmeredith

    December 21, 1995 AT 10:11 PM Fake.

  • brueggcat

    April 25, 1996 AT 6:03 AM Hey, _srchprty_ I’ve been looking into iDKHOW and Tellexx. Information is really scarce. Any time I find something that could be relevant, it seems to vanish. And I swear I’ve seen that white figure before…

  • tellexxcorp

    June 24, 1996 AT 8:46 PM In accordance with Section 512(f) of the DMCA, this page has been shut down due to false claims.